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“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

‘The Walk’ was developed during 2000/2001 by weaving together the following strands:

  • Personal experiences with and in nature, nature encounters, over a number of years
  • Professional training in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy
  • Cultural, social, historical and environmental research and teaching
  • Various spiritual, religious and indigenous wisdoms
  • Creative writing and poetry

Since 2011, The Walk has deepened and developed following further research and study with the Animas Valley Institute in Colorado.

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay
out until sundown, for going out, l found, was really going in.”

John Muir

The Bridge‘The Walk’ creates a guided invitation to journey transformationally where we reconnect through deeper, soulful relationships with ourselves, each other and our storied, animate cosmos. It enables us to experience ourselves and the planet anew, or rather, re-member. It reconnects us to our Source, our innate wisdom, creativity and understanding; towards rediscovery of our own wildness in the here and now. The Walk can be experienced in small groups. ‘The Walk’ (previously ‘Medicine Walk’) was filmed by BBC Scotland in 2006.

The Walk Testimonials

“All l can say is that l was enchanted, surprised and amazed by the way the day so meaningfully unfolded… l had more self understanding and insight in one day than one. year..of….doing anything else.”
Lori (Canada)

“Thank you for pointing me towards the Real Guide: Nature and its Presence, its knowledge of us humans who so often think we own the place..it’s the beginning of a new story.”

“A truly transforming opportunity which will stay with me, feed me and continue to change me at a deep level for far from now.”

The Walk with Words

There is now a second experience; ‘The Walk with Words’ specifically to explore our intimacy (or heartbreaking longing for intimacy perhaps) with the ‘more-than-human’ world in which we live and breathe through words, language and Imagination. The Walk with Words will also explore the extent of intimacy through the way in which our words have come in to being from and with the wild land, sea, air, clouds, deer, spiders, geese, flowers, seagrass………and our own physical embodiments….walking poems of Earth. The Walk with Words, a day of Pilgrimage, will explore what happens when we truly live Thomas Berry’s words…”We are not a collection of objects” as taught by an Industrial Age of Rationality “but a communion of subjects”. The Walk will also explore the ‘magical’ element of wordmaking and speaking….of, what David Abram calls ‘The Spell of the Senses’; that the words we speak really do matter, and urgently so in our mass life-destroying culture. Maybe we will begin to create new poetry paths, voice new word-lines of possibility and re-generation with the land towards a life-enhancing culture; maybe you might catch a glimpse, or further glimpse, of your own soul or what Bill Plotkin calls ‘mythopoetic identity’ through images, symbols, and metaphors through the day. What might happen…how different might our world, or even universe, be to imagine everyone walking in life with poetic awareness and intention from the soul’s root; what might open up for the ‘more-than-human’ ones and each other.

The Walk with Words Testimonials

“A thousand thankyous for your guidance and focus throughout today. Your signposting led me, as ever, to a place of warmth and understanding. It led me home. The Walk with Words was powerful and generous and has gone a long way towards coaxing out my inner animal.” 

“After today l’m beginning to see that there is not just one world. If l remain open l can learn to see differently and see many different things in one place and to have a conversation with the world in which maybe the Earth wants to have a conversation with me. That is a new idea and a new way of relating.”

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