My passion and life work has evolved following various threads for more than 30 years from/as Cultural Historian and research; Teacher in Higher Education/Social Policy and Social Welfare later Counselling and Psychotherapy; Writer and Poet; P1010840Photographer; Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist; Nature-Based Guide to Soul and Mentor. Over this time l have become increasingly aware of the urgency of our own time and dedicate my life now in service of Anima Mundi. I fully support the work of Thomas Berry (Evening Reflections) that Earth Community is our primary focus and service; that we humans have become autistic to the voices of the ‘Others’ and that “we are not a collection of objects” in this world such as our rational, industrial society and Descartian views created through political, educational, medical and economical practices accordingly over these last 200 years causing massive global destruction of 65 million years of evolution. Rather, Earth Community, of which humans are one part, is a ‘communion of subjects’. Berry also invited us to consider that we are the ‘Dream of the Earth’. Furthermore:

“If we will the future effectively, it will be because the guidance and power of the Earth have been communicated to us, not because we have determined the future of the Earth simply with some rational faculty.”
Thomas Berry, (pg 173)

P1010810Whilst, in my view, there is tremendous and essential work being carried forth in Psychotherapy, particularly in the field of attachment, trauma and addictions (in our separatist, trauma and addiction inducing culture) and indeed honour my own work and clients in many years working ‘post-natal’, it is not enough for the urgency of this time in the planetary story and what Joanna Macy calls ‘The Great Turning’. I agree with Bill Plotkin (Wild Mind) where:

“The key to reclaiming our original wholeness is not merely to suppress psychological symptoms, to recover from addictions and trauma,  manage stress or refurbish dysfunctional relationships but rather to fully flesh out our multi-faceted, wild psyches, committing ourselves to the largest story we’re capable of living, serving something bigger than ourselves. We must dare again to dream the impossible and romance the world, to feel and honor our kinship with all species and habitats, to embrace the troubling wisdom of paradox, and to shape ourselves into visionaries with the artistry to revitalyze our enchanted and endangered world.” (pg 2)

Reflection of the Beloved [10085]Part of my work will support you to cultivate facets of wholeness in Self, then coach your self-healing of your wounded and fragmented parts of the psyche using resources of the Self. The development of the Self further helps you cultivate the four windows of knowing: heart-centred thinking, full-bodied feeling, full-presence sensing, and deep imagination. This is not where the work ends, but is preparation for the next part of your journey in the descent to soul…to descend into guidance and power of Earth’s communication. Another part of my work is in guiding: what is your soul-aligned story, ‘the truth at the centre of the image you were born with’ as David Whyte says. In Nature and The Human Soul Bill Plotkin speaks of two aspects of human nature, one as cultural (aspect of human nature) and the other as ‘Earth/Nature”; that our dominant Western Culture perceives and acts as though the former is primary to the detriment of Earth and Earth Community. Both are important. In this book Plotkin highlights how our current culture is stuck in maintaining a ‘patho-adolescent’ life-style-destructive society rather than a society that supports healthy human development through 8 life stages enabling the cultivation of healthy humans in a healthy generative culture rooted in our wild nature. The descent to soul, a process of severance and surrender, followed with a time on ‘The Vast Plain’ (Rilke) and liminal time on the land in conversation with The Mystery towards possible opening to our mythopoetic and ecological identity, and ultimate place in the world; then to return creating ways of embodiment, is also in service of creating a healthy culture. The journey of descent is an opportunity to truly surrender to Earth’s intelligence where, as Rilke says “we could rise up rooted, like trees” and care in our unique way for human culture, the soul of the Earth and the greater Earth Community.

P1020151I work with individuals and groups; out on the land, one-to-one mentoring in meeting rooms and Skype, I am in the process of developing further programmes. I am also in the process of developing a ‘Soulcraft’ TM  group in Edinburgh. Please contact me if you are interested in participating. I am currently apprenticing in the underworld guiding training programme with the Animas Valley Institute, Soulcraft Apprentice and Initiation Programme. I also offer a Continuing Professional Certificate available for Counsellors and Psychotherapists for ‘The Walk’ entitled ‘Experiencing and working with therapeutic processes and nature.’ See ‘Walk’ page for further information on ‘The Walk’

‘Soulcraft’ TM is a registered trademark of William B Plotkin.

Being Clear

Come to me if you want to be broken open into expansiveness.

Come to me if you want to feel broken open so fully that the stars come gushing out from your heart and your tears fill the skies.

Come to me if you want to die to who you think you are.

Come to me if you want to be with your dreams in a way that shakes and disturbs you to the roots in a world who is dying and can do no other than demand that you want to sink down into those roots; to encounter why you are really here and what your unique contribution is to this planetary devastation, the Great Turning, the Great Opening and the Great Conversation.

Come to me if what you want is to expand your horizons to the galaxies and to the soil under your feet of who you really are.

Come to me if what you want is to remember languages long forgotten; from the tongues of grasses, trees, clouds, deer, stones, feathers and bones; from the ones who are still here and the ones who are unseen.

Come to me if you want to dive into the depths of your soul and the Anima Mundi; to meet with the one who remembers your true image, your true name and who, even now, is calling you home.

Come to me if you want to fall in love again, again and again, with The Beloved and with The World.

Come to me if what you really want is to sit in the circle with all life.


through Wendy Robertson Fyfe

Wendy Robertson Fyfe, BA (Hons) & MA Cultural Studies, Dip Psychosynthesis Counselling

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