The Witness
Through whose eyes do you see,
and whose heart beats in yours,
whose energy is behind the breathe.
Whose thoughts move through your mind,
and who dwells in thy soul,
Through whose eyes do you see yourself.
Wendy Robertson Fyfe

Vision Gallery – Images

The photography developed from ‘The Walk’ as a way of seeing more deeply and taking notice of that which we might walk past without noticing. I see and experience the way l work as a kind of witness and worship of ‘essence’, of ‘living conversation’ whether with another person, land, flower, tree………. something of reverence; of Buber’s ‘l/thou’ relationship with all life as part of a cosmos in connection and movement.

I work mainly with 35mm film which includes elements of time, soul and mystery before the image appears giving more depth to the work; a kind of ‘counter’ to our current culture of ‘immediacy’ – some things take a bit longer. My work has been referred to as quite impressionist, with its soft focus. The photographs have been referred to as being ‘like a prayer’ and have been used in places of healing. I am now beginning to work with a few digital images, though film is my main passion.

The photography has been exhibited in East Lothian, Edinburgh, Newbury in Berkshire, and London. Exhibitions and displays tend to evolve around themes such as ‘Passage‘, ‘Blue‘, ’Witness’, ’Love Is..’; often a poem accompanies. Some of these images and poems are available in A5 postcard format. Payments can be made via paypal. There have also been photographs in publications such as East Lothian Life as well as individual commissions.

I work with private commissions of portraits of people/animals in nature or in places/times of personal meaning. These are intimate experiences, spending time with people and ‘capturing’ people us just as we are. At weddings, for example, the intention is to become part of the day itself and to witness the occasion, something of true reflection rather than the event focused around photography. I use as little equipment as possible (no stands/flashing lights/big lenses etc) to be as least intrusive as l can. In a way, the more ‘invisible’ l can become to the event, the better and with the focus more on the occasion and participants. In this way the photography is spontaneous, we can never really determine the outcome fully.

There is a sample of photography on this website. Poetry cards, high quality greetings cards and panoramic cards for any occasion can be purchased. All cards are printed on recycled card and come with envelope. Original mounted or framed enlargement photographs can also be purchased. There is a further selection of images and cards available. Enquiries about private commissions are welcomed. Contact Wendy for information. Payments can be made via paypal.


“Stunning” Penny and Evelyn, South Africa

“Beautiful and Inspiring” Roy, Isle of Wight

Portrait Commissions

“This experience will be treasured in my memories forever. It was a real journey that was filled with fun and laughter. I could do it again and again…” Emily

“Wendy works with you, very responsive, empathic and flexible (both weather and spirit!). She has a very relaxed approach which enables the true person to shine through naturally.” Debbie

Vision Gallery – Greeting Cards

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